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  • How do I book a session with you?
    Please click the "Book an Appointment" button on the top of this page to schedule a session. You can also email or ring if your preferred time is not listed on the booking app. Please remember to leave your email and contact number for me to reach you.
  • Do I need a Doctor's Letter or Mental Health Care Plan to see you?
    No, you do not need a Mental Health Care Plan or a Doctor's letter to book an appointment. I am still able to communicate with your doctor to have a coordinated care if you prefer. However, that is not necessary and is optional.
  • Do you work with NDIS participants ?
    Yes, we do. We are also familiar with writing reports and letters for NDIS participants. Please ask your support coordinator to email the clinic and we will arrange sessions. You can also book via the "Booking Appointment" app on this website. If you require other days/time, please email us and we will create new slots as we understand NDIS participants require regular and ongoing support.
  • Do you see WorkCover clients?
    Yes we do! We are a registered WorkSafe Victoria practitioner and able to provide therapy to you with the therapy fees fully payable by your insurance as long as you have their approval. If you are unsure, please email us before making your first booking and we can facilitate the approval process for you if appropriate.
  • What are your Fees?
    Sessions are 50 minutes. Private Individual paying sessions cost $100. Couple Sessions cost $150. Sessions with Medicare and Private insurance cost $175 (out-of-pocket cost is $100) Clients with the following organisations do not incur any cost: NDIS participants and Work Cover clients do not have out-of-pocket fees and is fully covered at $214 and $175 respectively. Reports, Letters and Assessments- please enquire as prices vary.
  • What is that $100 session all about?
    All sessions without Mental Health Care Plan and Private Insurance cost $100. This fee is kept affordable and suitable for clients who require ongoing and regular psychology sessions but do not have any insurance to help pay for psychology treatment.
  • How do I make payment? Do I have to pay before the session and is it secure?
    The clinic uses a secure payment platform, to manage bookings. We will email a payment link after a booking is made. To ensure your appointment is reserved for you, clients are asked to make payment within 24 hours of their appointment. Clients who are on WorkCover and NIDS do not need to pay as the clinic will invoice your insurance company directly. Please indicate this on your booking.
  • How many sessions do you think I need to work on my issues?
    The length of therapy varies from individual factors, symptoms severity and financial budget. I am able to work with you to develop a tailored approach.
  • Where are your sessions held?
    Sessions are held on online, delivered on Zoom.
  • Do you do Couples Therapy or ADHD Coaching?
    Yes. I also offer couples therapy and ADHD coaching. Please indicate this in your booking.
  • Do you have 20 Minute Initial Consultation session?
    Yes, new clients can book a 20 minutes Initial Consultation session. This initial session is used to determine your needs, and to ascertain the suitability between clients and clinician. Please email me to arrange an appointment. The Cost for this 20 minute session is at $20. Please indicate this when you are making the booking and you will receive the right payment link.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You are welcome to reschedule and cancel the sessions without charge before 48 hours of your appointment. Thereafter, cancellations incur a 50% charge and late cancellations of less than 24 hours incur the full therapy fee. Many insurances do not cover these charges. Clients are unable to make further bookings until previous payments are made. A payment plan may be offered if you have financial difficulties and hold a valid concession health card.
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